6 Mans - About

6Mans CH

The only Swiss competitive PUG platform for Rocket League!

How does CH 6Mans work?

CH6mans is a way for Swiss Rocket League players to enjoy Rocket League in a more Competitive way. 6 Players join a lobby together and build random Teams of 3. Then a Best of 5 is played to determine the Winner of said Lobby. Afterwards the Score will be reported to keep track of the progression of the players. The MMR of each player will be updated automatically after the score is reported.

Q: Which combination of ranks are allowed in a 6mans lobby?

You can queue in your own Rank, one above and one under. Players of rank S are allowed to queue in rank X and A too. Our bot will create the teams fairly, according to the MMR of the players in the queue.


We created a lot of ranks for you! As soon as you are assigned to a rank, you will get the corresponding MMR of that rank. By winning and losing, your MMR will change. You will be promoted/demoted automatically according to your MMR by our bot. The following Ranks are available:

  • Rank S (Placed at 990 / Div Down 920)
  • Rank X (Placed at 920 / Div Up 990 / Div Down 850)
  • Rank A (Placed at 850 / Div Up 920 / Div Down 800)
  • Rank B (Placed at 800 / Div Up 850 / Div Down 750)
  • Rank C (Placed at 750 / Div Up 800 / Div Down 700)
  • Rank D (Placed at 700 / Div Up 750 / Div Down 650)
  • Rank E (Placed at 650 / Div Up 700 / Div Down 600)
  • Rank F (Placed at 600 / Div Up 650 / Div Down 550)
  • Rank O (Placed at 500 / Div Up 600)

Find a 6mans Game

To find a Game, go into the rank specific queue channel and use the CH6Mans bot to join a queue. You are allowed to queue one rank up and down too! Players of rank S can queue in rank S, X and A. Further information in #bot-commands. As soon as 6 Players have joined the Queue, the bot will automatically generate random Teams. Now you can join the Team-Voicechats and play your best of 5 Series! After you played the best of 5, the host of the game has to report the Match in #report_score.