Swiss Rocket League Showdown

Goal: A casted showmatch will be played on stream every other week.

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  • Every other week a showmatch will be played.
  • Showmatches will be streamed and casted.
  • Showmatches can be played as 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3.
  • The prize pool will be collected with donations on the stream during the games.


  • Every two weeks the SRLS staff will organize a showmatch.
  • The day and time of the showmatch will be defined by the SRLS staff. Date and time of the show matches are dependent on the availability of the casters.
  • Series length: 1v1: Best Of 7, 2v2: Best Of 5 & 3v3: Best Of 5
  • Show Matches can be played as: 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 / Canton duell (1v1, 2v2 or 3v3) / Old-lineup/Extra Mode
  • 1v1/2v2/3v3 Show Matches: Players will be chosen by the SRLS staff. The show matches should be fair, the players have to be on an similar rank. The new 6mans power ranking can be used to select players for the show matches.
  • Old-Lineup: Old team line-ups can challenge other old line-ups for a show match. Old-lineup show matches can be asked by old line-ups or can be organised by the SRLS staff.
  • Extra Mode: To have some fun games, extra modes can be chosen by the RLRS staff for a show match.
  • Canton-duel: The mode of the canton-duel can be chosen freely. The mode will be chosen by the RLRS staff and the players will be invited by our staff. The chosen mode will be defined by how many players are of that specific cantons.

Prize Pool

  • The prize pool will be collected on the stream by donations from the viewers.
  • The prize pool varies according to what mode is being played and what rank the invited players have: 1v1: 50.- (Rank S-A) & 30.- (all other ranks), 2v2: 60.- & 3v3: 90.-
  • If the sum of the donations is less than 10.-, the donated money will be deposited in the organization fund.
  • If the sum of the donation exceeds the maximum prize pool, the surpluses will be deposited in the organization fund.
  • The money in the organization fund will be used for further projects (like tourneys).

Additional Events

  • In the weeks where no official show match takes place, smaller “show matches” can be organized.
  • The reserve casters will cast the smaller “show matches”, the players and mode will be chosen by the SRLS staff.
  • Extra modes are the goal of these smaller show matches.
  • These additional show matches have no prize pool.
  • Donations during the additional events are deposited in the organization fund and can be used for further project (like tourneys).


  • The results of the showmatches will be published on Discord (#results).
  • The best clips are collected and used in a “best of” video.
  • For canton duels a ranking is kept. This will motivate the players to bring their own canton to the top.