6 Mans

The only Swiss PUG platform for Rocket League!

Enjoy a fun private match of Rocket League exclusively with other Swiss players. 6 players are put into random, but weighted, teams of 3 and play a best of 5 against each other, getting or losing custom MMR according to the score. Similiar to competetive, players are grouped into ranks according to their MMR. 6Mans allows you to have fun playing a couple games without competetive pressure, while also comparing yourself to other Swiss players and improving to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Having trouble with the bot? Check out the 6mans documentation!

Custom 6mans ranks

To allow as many players to be able to play together as possible only 3 ranks exist for SRLC 6mans. The ranks are determined according to the ingame rank (Standard playlist).

Prospect includes all ranks up to Diamond 3.
Challenger includes players from Champion 1 to 1599 MMR
Superstar includes all players above 1600 MMR

Playing 6mans

Getting started

If you aren't registered for playing SRLC 6mans yet, follow these steps to get ready to play.

  1. Join the SRLC Discord
  2. In #get-started, scroll to the 6mans section and use the car reaction to get access to the 6mans channels
    Discord screenshot of the 6mans message
  3. Head to #get-rank and use the command !rlrank platform username, where platform is your platform (pc, ps, xbox, switch) and username your name on that platform. Find additional documentation on commands below.
    Discord screenshot of the 6mans message
    After an admin has checked your rank, you'll be assigned one of the 6mans ranks which will allow you to see the queue channels and queue up for games.

We recommend muting both channels #get-rank and #bot-spam since usually messages from other people in those channels are relevant to you. You can still use the channels while they're muted.

Finding a game

Once you got your rank assigned enter any channel that's available to you and simply write !queue to queue up for a game. A game is generated as soon as 6 players have queued up in the same channel. If you have to leave before a game was filled, make sure to write !leave to unqueue yourself.

Hosting a game

The last player to queue up is always the game host. Either invite everyone to an ingame-lobby or create a private match with the provided name & password. All games are played in a best-of-5 matchup, meaning the first team to win 3 individual games wins the series. Make sure to disable all mutators and select a standard map prior to starting the game.

Reporting a game

After the whole series was played, the host has to report which team won the series. Do so in #report-score by using the command !report-score winningSide, where winningSide is either "blue" or "orange". See the documentation for more information about commands.
Once you've reported the score, the bot will ask for confirmation. The host has to confirm the score by using the check-mark reaction. If you accidentally reported to wrong score, simply use !report-score again with the different side.

Checking your stats

To check your wins, losses and total games, use the command !stats in channel #bot-spam. Additionally you can also tag someone when using the command to check out their stats.


Always remember that 6mans games are played for fun and everyone wants to have a good time. To ensure so we ask everyone to follow these rules.

  1. Any toxic, disruptive or unsportmanslike behaviour will not be tolerated before, during and after 6mans games.
    • Unsportmanlike conduct includes intentional throwing, afking and rage quitting
    • If you absolutely don't want to play in a generated lobby let the other players know and don't play the game.
    • This does not automatically prevent any sanctions spoken out against a player and might still be reported to the Admins.
  2. Use the different channels for what they were used for. Do not spam and absolutely do not make the admins job harder than it needs be.
  3. If any of the rules are broken by another player you can report the incident to the Admins (either on the server or via DM). Make sure to collect evidence where necessary. The evidence can be submitted in the form of images or ingame replays.
  4. The Admins have the right to apply any sanction to a player they deem necessary to ensure everyone has a great time.