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New to Rocket League Esports? Here's everything you need to know

RL Competitions in Switzerland

The TCS eSports League is the biggest RL league in Switzerland, with weekly league play of 10 teams and open challenger cups with a chance to join the next season and a price pool of 3500.- for the top 4 teams. TCS offers high-quality english casts of every league game and the highest level of Swiss RL at the grand finals.

The well-known Swiss Esports League offers regular league play across multiple divisions, where the bottom division is open for anyone to participate. The lower divisions are a great place to start out as a team and compete with other Swiss players, while the Premiere Divisions has high-level gameplay with the best teams in Switzerland.

Additionally most Swiss LAN events have a RL main or fun tournament, with cash or non-cash prizes up for grabs. Most notably the biggest LAN in the DACH region, the SwitzerLAN, offers a big tournament with most Swiss players involved. You'll find all upcoming LANs with a RL tourney on our Upcoming Events page.

The community

Rocket League has one of the tightest communities in Switzerland, with players from all ranks and backgrounds. Wanna find new people to play with, people to hang out with or get to know the stars of the Swiss leagues? Join the SRLC Discord, get the community role and drop a Hello! We'll be happy to introduce you to our community and help you out with any questions about Swiss RL. Use our Discord to find teammates, be informed about new and events or use our custom 6mans bot to play a couple fun games with other Swiss players.