TCS eSports League season 5 recap18.12.2020

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Edelweiss with another league win (Image by TCS eSports League)

Edelweiss winning their first season

The freshly found Edelweiss played their first season, but their roster of Zaphare, Mirrorwing and LuiisP is as strong as ever before. They managed to win league play with only one loss and a +20 round difference. During the finals they've proven that they're still at the top, beating Lausanne, that they lost against during league play and at SwitzerLAN, 3-1 in the Upper Bracket Final and cleanly 4-0 in the Grand Final, despite a very good performance from them.

Playoff and Finals bracket

Playoff and Finals bracket (

Mirrorwing more like MirrorWIN

Mirrorwing is now at four wins in five seasons, while Zaphare managed to get the fifth win during his fifth season. Tremendous work from both of the lads, pretty much dominating the Swiss scene for the past few years.

Lausanne and Vision Gaming come in second and third place

While the Coconutters also only dropped one series during league play and got the second seed for the finals, they lost both of their Playoffs respectively Finals games, losing to the second- and third-placed Lausanne and Vision Gaming. Lausanne managed to pull off a strong performance, once more only losing to the Edelweiss squad and getting a clear second place.
Vision Gaming only came in sixth during league play, but they were ready for the lower bracket Playoffs run, beating both mYinsanity and Team SIR and later Coconutters at the Finals. Despite losing 0-3 to Lausanne in the Lower Bracket Final, the VG squad can be absolutely happy with their performance and result.

Kekkers to win TCS International Masters

The Swiss boys from Edelweiss and Lausanne were both eliminated during the first games of the International Masters Finals, losing to Kekkers and Pepega Shake respectively. The Kekkers Catalysm, Tox and MagiczZz won the International Masters, sweeping both Lausanne and Pepega Shake. Edelweiss got themselves the third spot, beating Lausanne once more in a 4-0 sweep.

International Masters bracket

International Masters bracket (TCS eSports League Twitter)